I often get reminded to be loud about what matters to me. So let me be loud here about one of my ventures called My Healthy Cities. If you live in a city, please read on!

A word about my urban lifestyle

I have always lived in big cities. Some with lots of nature, some with almost none! But always in fast-paced environments suggesting me to do more, get more, and be more efficient. At times, this mindset translated into neglecting my own well-being and the one of our dear planet.
My awakening towards the importance of slowing down, consuming less but better and the positive impact this can all have on our environment came quite late! But what I learnt is that in any given environment and at any stage of our life, there are always ways to live a more conscious lifestyle. Always.

Making better choices

When I moved back to Asia from the Middle-East in 2017, I became committed to making better lifestyle choices and I started to navigate through my new city (Bangkok) with this new mindset. I found myself discovering my new environment with a purpose: looking up for healthy cafés, meeting brand owners crafting goods to serve our health, connecting with therapists and practitioners, trying and testing different venues, etc. and curate my A-list so I could also recommend it to my friends.

My Healthy Cities

Fast forward to 2020, I created My Healthy Cities: a growing network of conscious & stylish guides to accompany discerning locals, expats and travelers, in their purposeful (re) discovery of major global cities, starting with My Healthy Bangkok.
I believe that conscious and stylish are indeed very compatible, and you don’t have to trade your sense of aesthetics for a more eco-conscious way of consuming, or vice-versa. You can have it all! Through My Healthy Cities, my creative and inspired team and I are focussing on shedding some lights on brands and venues combining quality and ethics, in style.

This is the best part!

Do you believe in virtuous circles? I sure do! Through these conscious & stylish guides, I want to promote healthy choices and healthy lifestyles.
And one of my favorite quotes on this subject is: “We can’t live a healthy life on a sick planet”. Do you agree?
I am a true believer that taking care of ourselves first is not selfish but a crucial first step when we want to take care of others, with all our powers.
My biggest rewards with My Healthy Cities is to redirect a huge chunk of our proceeds, straight to supporting the most vulnerable communities and organization fighting for our planet. Through the local organizations we support, we contribute to providing food, basic health, education and more to those who need it the most.