Welcome on Essentially Me, where I am fulfilling my ambition to contribute to my fellow humans well-being.
As I got to learn, doing so starts with looking after ourselves first, gloriously! So this is also about “cultivating my essence”, simply being myself, doing what I love, what I believe in and turning inwards as often as possible. These are amazing things to do, I guarantee!

About my path and knowledge in the field of wellness and aromatherapy 

After following a classic French academic curriculum, I graduated from a Business School in the suburbs of Paris back in 2007. Since then, my career path lead me to learning about hospitality management, the art of tea, and then about the various uses of plants with a focus on Health & Wellness, all the way from Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok and now in Hong Kong. 

In 2015, I went back to University to be educated in Natural Medicine. I studied Scientific Aromatherapy (with teacher Pierre Franchomme), followed by a course in Aromachology (with teacher Patty Canac) at the Faculté Libre de Médecines Naturelles et d’Ethnomédecine (FLMNE) in Paris, France. Both these disciplines revolve around the use of essentials oils in view of good health at several levels: physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

Aromatherapy and Aromachology are my pillars in my professional practice. They are my main tools to approach the theme of wellness with the people I get to work with, although I am organically adding more to my box (such as working with energies) in order to be of ever-improving service to those around me.

Through online courses, live aromatherapy workshops and training, one-on-one discussions and consultancy work for wellness brands, I am creating a connection between you and the aromas of the plants, so you can experience their benefits on the physical and psycho-emotional levels.

Here is a bit more so you know the essential about me … 

#work. Besides my purely essential-oil and plant-focussed work with Essentially Me, I run my brand representation company: Bow Consulting and Trading, where I support health & wellness brands in their development. 

#globalproject. I love to explore the healthy side of the cities I live in or visit, so I have created My Healthy Cities: an online network of stylish & conscious city guides for all the planet-conscious urbanistas out there.

#myworld. Whenever I get the chance… I like to hide in my little sanctuary! reading, meditating, and connecting with the power of plants. I learn everyday how to be kind to myself, how to make priorities so as to achieve balance, as a mompreneur.

Joëlle Smaniotto | Aromachologist | “Essentially Me”